Executive Coaching

You can’t drive if you don’t know your blind spots.

Organizations hire executive coaches to help their mid- and upper-level leaders grow and achieve breakout performance. We do this by providing a reliable, confidential sounding board for the leader to use in obtaining strategic insight that advances their leadership style. My executive coaching services focus on quickly identifying leadership blind spots. Blind spots are not always about a weakness in a leader, but often simply the fact of them being human. Too often, leaders have regular behaviors that are systematically stifling their leadership and adversely affecting their teams—and the broader company. Use executive coaching to hyper-accelerate your growth and development.

Together, we will identify your patterns and blind spots, develop concrete strategies to work around these pitfalls, and optimize your behaviors in a way that moves you more easily toward your leadership goals. The life balance you’re likely to experience as a result of easier leadership strategies is just bonus.


Common topics of leadership coaching:

  • Analysis Paralysis—leaders who struggle with decision-making
  • Conflict avoidance
  • Burnout, sense of overwhelm
  • Lack of delegation
  • Negative patterns
  • “Drill sergeant” management style
  • Patronizing interactions with employees
  • Intra-leader conflict; Board of Director or C-level conflicts

Yes, everyone needs it!

Organizations often operate as if, once someone reaches executive or senior status in the organization, they know all they need to about acting under pressure, inspiring and implementing teams, and keeping their skills sharp. But that’s not the case. While they can often get there, leadership is a cultivated skill. Partnering with the right executive coach is the most efficient route to get there. For most businesses, wasting time (or the errors that come with leadership flaws) are well worth avoiding.

While Executive Leadership focuses on your professional advancement, the goals you develop with your coach will evolve and flex to your circumstances and challenges. The ultimate result is transformation of professional self and the organization, creating an environment that attracts—and keeps—the best and brightest, inspiring top performance. (And we all know the success stories that happen when the right people are in place, operating at their best!)


Benefits of Executive Coaching may include:

  • Developing a positive, impactful leadership pipeline at every level in the organization
  • Better understanding of your strengths and gifts and how to best leverage them
  • Increased leadership effectiveness and personal and organizational improvements
  • Improved efficiencies
  • Stronger workplace relationships and culture
  • Employee retention; reduction of “burnout”
  • Engaging team members in a unified, performance-driven culture
  • Enhanced relationships in the workplace

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