What Clients Say


We take client privacy seriously, and our leadership coaching is conducted in a discreet manner. We NEVER share client names or information without your consent. However, the following clients were happy to shout from the rooftops about their experiences with Siami Group!

“TS Pharm has been a proud client of Sue’s since 2012. We've found her services to be a vital resource we've used to create an incredible team of highly engaged and productive employees. The guidance and coaching she's provided with HR and leadership matters has been invaluable for our workforce and something we rely on for our day-to-day operations. Her conscientious, easy-going personality make her a pleasure to work with and her professionalism is unparalleled!"

—Dr. Sheybani, Founder of TS Pharm Inc.


“...As a Business Partner, she excelled at navigating complex situations and making good business decisions in a fast-paced, demanding organization.  She also independently led team meetings and resolved difficult investigations to help create a great workplace and maintain and enhance employee engagement.

I found her to be tenacious, dependable, creative and flexible.  She would always set the bar high for herself and worked diligently to meet and exceed her goals.  Her exceptional interpersonal skills made it easy for her to foster great relationships with HR peers and customers alike.”

—Linda Spitsen, Former VP of HR, Broadcom

“Sue has been responsible for managing our global HR function for the last seven years.  As a coach and trusted advisor for my executive team and I, she has been instrumental in helping us grow and strengthen our leadership skills. 

She excels at delivering tough feedback in a way that’s well-received and impactful.  Her caring nature, exceptional interpersonal skills and professionalism have made her an invaluable asset for our company…”

—Brendan O’Kane, CEO & Managing Director of Otherlevels inc.






“The truth is I can't think of anyone else to go to when it comes to leadership challenges and employee matters.

When it comes to hiring new employees it almost seems like Sue can read my mind. She usually hand picks two or three top candidates out of hundreds of applicants and we always end up hiring the most talented and loyal employees from that small selection. 

I also rely heavily on Sue as a leadership coach and it is comforting to know that she is a phone call away. Without her guidance our company would not be where it is today and I am grateful to work with her…”

—Babak Moghaddam, CEO of Charter Pacific Lending Corporation

“Through Sue's coaching, I was able to gain more clarity around what mattered most to me in terms of my priorities, principles, goals, etc. I was able to create a greater sense of alignment with my values, leading to a more empowered way of being. 

As an accountability partner, she cheered me on and challenged me to be bold and authentic in many ways, resulting in more success at work and greater fulfillment in my relationships and life in general.   

I highly recommend Sue and I believe her compassion, empathy and knowledge makes her a unique coach!”

—M.B. Staff Engineer, Qualcomm